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Are you an Adrenalin Junkie? … Ever wanted to do a SkyDive? ...


Take part in our sponsored sky dives!

Skydive from 10,000 feet!!
After doing a jump you can then train to go again but on your own!!!

To take part in our FREE CHARITY JUMP you will need to raise a minimum of...

£395* : Tandem Skydive
£360 : Static Line Square
£535 : Accelerated Free fall (AFF)
*£450 in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Tandem Skydives
A Tandem Skydive is ideal for those of you who want to experience the exhilaration of skydiving without taking a whole days training. On arrival at one of the centers you will meet with your skydive instructor who will talk through the basics of free fall. You will learn that through out your skydive you will be harnessed to your instructor so he/she will control the entire jump from start to finish, this will leave you to enjoy the experience of 120mph free fall.
You can even ask your instructor how to land and steer your jump.
The briefing will take 20 minutes and you will be ready for your first jump!!!
The Jump takes about 8 minutes. Once you have finished your jump you will receive an official British Parachute Association Certificate to commemorate your experience.

A Static Line Jump Course is for those of you that want to jump solo. The jump is in two parts:

1 Full days Training
The Jump

The full days training will teach you everything you will need to learn including equipment, how to exit the aircraft, you will be secured to a ‘Static Line’ which is designed to automatically open your parachute for you as you exit the aircraft.

On the day of your jump you will be given a refreshers course going over all of the points from the previous day.
Once you have completed your jump you will receive an official British Parachute Association Certificate to prove you have completed your Static Line Training Course.

Most people after doing this want to go up again!!!

If this is something you want to do then apply on line and send me an email to say what you have chosen to do!!

There are a few restrictions.....
You must be over 16
If this is your first static jump then the maximum age is 55
Those under 18 years old will need the medical form signed by a parent or guardian
You must weigh 15 stone or less
Those who have any of the medical problems listed below will need a doctor to sign their form.

Medical restrictions:
Recurrent Blackouts
Heart or Lung Disease
Mental Illness
In come cases Asthma

If this is something you are interested in you can apply online by clicking the link below to register and get started.

Once you have completed your Jump send us a photo of your day and how much you raised, we will then put you in our monthly newsletter!!

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