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We now run a Forces Families Advice Bureau, based in the centre of Colchester it is a relaxed, friendly environment  where family members can come along and find out what services are available to them. It is run by non military personnel, who although they have not served in the military themselves, they have been in a military family, so have an understanding of some of the issues family members may wish to chat over, or seek guidance for. 
We are continuing to strengthen our links with local councils, health authorities, housing agencies, and business communities, networking regularly to help them understand the often very complex needs of wounded service personnel and their families. It is through this continued networking process that we are slowly raising the public awareness of the need to change some of our perceived ideas of how we care for our wounded and their families.

Our drop in service relies totally upon public donations, and the generosity of some local businesses who provide their services at a nominal charge to The Invicta Foundation.

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We are constantly seeking new fundraising initiatives and brave supporters to help make our events work, so far this year we have taken part in Colchester Carnival, and hosted our second annual Valiant Ball, both of which took a lot of hard work and planning from our volunteer organizers, we have also had participants in Tough Mudder, and two Wolf Run races, these are 8-10km endurance races over all terrain and obstacle courses. Our 2012 fundraiser of the year completed a grueling 60 mile pedal cycle race in May raising a staggering £4,000. 

We have recently been joined by some ‘fresh minds’ to our team, they are currently working on our 2013 calendar, and it looks like there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to share the load and help us increase our fundraising total, as well as helping us to raise awareness of the struggles our wounded and their families face on a regular basis.

As part of our work in supporting troops currently serving overseas we have been very well supported by our local community, who regularly make contributions for our morale boxes which we send out to the troops. 

If you or the business you work for would like to become involved in donating towards our morale boxes you can contact our office and ask how easy it is to collect a few bits together, drop them off at our office, and we’ll do the rest.